2022 Fee Schedule


Individual $20.00      Family $30.00

Family membership includes spouse and children under 18

Membership Form

The autocross day starts with registration from 8:30 to 9:30am. Tech inspection closes at 10:00am. Timed runs follow the mandatory Drivers Meeting.

Regular Events

Member $25  Nonmember $30

A surcharge will be added for electronic registration.

Season Pass

Season Pass Form


Car Number Requirements

We require visible car and class numbers at all of our events. Each competitor shall have vinyl numbers and class markings at least 8" tall. The numbers and car color should contrast. Don't put charcoal numbers on a black car. If you are a novice and do not know what class or number you are running, we will ask you to use a neon paint stick to write numbers on your window or use paper and large marker and tape to inside of side windows.

If you are attending your third autocross, and are still using paint stick and paper numbers, you should really reconsider whether this is the activity for you. Seriously, it really holds up the event when your numbers and class cannot be seen from the timing trailer, and people have to try and guess who you might be.

Helmet Requirments

All NHSCC participants are required to wear a Snell rated helmet while on course. We accept the current as well as the previous 3 generations of Snell ratings. (2020, 2015, 2010, 2005).

DOT helmets are not permitted.

Car Requirements

Allegheny County requires that all cars running at North Park, be licensed, bearing current registration stickers, and be street legal for the jusrisdiction that the vehicle is registered in. (PA cars require current inspection stickers.) DOT registered tires are also required. (No slicks)