North Hills Sports Car Club

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NHSCC is a proud sponsor of the Allegheny County Parks Foundation.

You should be too.

Next up:

Feb 17 General Membership Meeting at North Park Clubhouse

Feb 27 Awards Banquet

Mar 16 General Membership Meeting at North Park Clubhouse

REMINDER: The NHSCC members listed below have NOT yet replied regarding their choices. You may choose one of the following:
                A trophy plaque with your name, winning place (s), and date(s) engraved
                An individual NHSCC one year membership (for the member)
                A single NHSCC autocross entrance fee (for the member)

Andy Bailey
Cody Baker
Jonathan Colby
John Fink
Glenn Hoffmann
Regis Kaminski
Paul Lynd
Matt Parson
Bill Schaeffer
Rick Shank, Jr.
Ron Williams

In order to have the trophies prepared for the Year-End Banquet, we need to know your choice by Friday, February 12th.

Please e-mail Ed your choice at If we don’t hear from you by this Friday, we will be unable to make a trophy. However, you can still choose one of the other options.


Good Reading! (If your building a course, it's more like_ required_ reading.)

Course Design Handbook

Quick Reference on what modifications are allowed in what class.

SCCA Category Allowances

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