North Hills Sports Car Club

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NHSCC is a proud sponsor of the Allegheny County Parks Foundation.

You should be too.

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May 18 Membership Meeting Roosevelt Grove, North Park

May 29 Autocross North Park

All NHSCC participants are required to wear a Snell rated helmet while on course. We accept the current as well as the previous 2 generations of Snell ratings. (2015, 2010, 2005).

For the 2016 season only, we will accept Snell 2000 helmets. The 2017 season will be 2015, 2010, and 2005 only. DOT helmets are not permitted.

<Webmaster snark>Copied and pasted from the details page under helmet requirements for the reading impaired.</Webmaster snark>


A reminder to all competitors that it is the drivers responsibility to make sure that correct 8" tall (minimum) numbers and that the correct 4" tall (minimum) class markers are displayed on the side of your car in a contrasting color to the background. If your numbers cannot be read from the timing trailer, your run time may not be recorded. Likewise for 2 driver cars, it is the drivers responsibility to make sure the correct number is being displayed. Tape numbers 3" tall on the rear window are not acceptable numbers.

Course Designers!

Good Reading! (If your building a course, it's more like_ required_ reading.)

Course Design Handbook

Photo of North Park Pool lot to aid you in your quest for a well designed course.

The Club Store is closed for remodeling. It will be back soon.