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North Hills Sports Car Club

Since 1957

What is Autocross?
The fastest growing form of motorsport today is one in which the deftness of the driver and agility of the car is more important than pure speed. This sport is called Autocross or Solo. Imagine if you will, a track meet on wheels. You approach the starting line one at a time, helmet on, firmly belted into your car. You look onto a large parking lot that has been transformed into a complex serpentine course with the addition of a large number of traffic cones and white gypsum lines.Your challenge is to try to drive through this course as quickly as possible without hitting the cones. Each displaced cone adds two seconds to your score. Essentially it's you against the clock, figured to 1/1000th of a second. Even though this may sound difficult, it is great fun and leads to a great deal of satisfaction when you do it right. The secret to winning is usually taking the best "line" through the course while maintaining speed and smoothness, but sometimes slower is faster. During a run, which usually lasts about one minute, you will make thousands of driving decisions and really feel the car working under you.

Autocross is a low budget, low pressure sport in which almost anyone can participate, usually in the same car they drive to work. It is a safe, fun way to experience the thrills of competition driving.

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