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Nov 19 General Membership Meeting North Park Clubhouse

Dec 13 General Membership Meeting & Holiday Party

From Patti:

NHSCC CHRISTMAS PARTY - (10min meeting)
Dec 13th

Starts @ 6:00

This will be our 10th year of hosting the
Dec meeting / x-mas party.

With everyone's help it has been easier each year.
So once again we're asking everyone to bring a little something to share with your friends...( appetizers, desserts, drinks, etc). PLEASE NOTHING WITH CINNAMON I get a bad reaction being near it.

The front porch beer rack has been a big hit the last few years. It's always interesting to see what variety our beer
drinking connoisseurs will bring.

All I ask is that you contact me so I can keep up to date what is being brought so that there are not to many duplicates.

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