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Dec 12 General Membership Meeting/Christmas Party

Jan 20 General Membership Meeting at North Park Clubhouse

From the Murphs:


The NHSCC party will be held once again at the Murph's.
It will be our 11th year of hosting it.

We will do like we have in the past, asking for anyone to chip in whether it be drinks, snacks, appetizer, food, or desserts to help keep the cost down. Plus to help take the pressure off of the host and hostess. :) Please keep us informed as to what you are bringing so that we don't end up with too many duplicates (unless it's alcohol). :)

We know there are alot of newbie's which we do not know.
If they are interested in coming that is fine. Just please keep us informed, and also have them contact us so we can say hello and put a face with a car.

Families are welcome (including children..., babies, and Camie) .

I will keep updating as time goes by.

If any of our out of state/country friends are around this weekend please feel free to join us. Everyone would love to see you. ( Ricky, Chris B, Jeremy, Handyman).

If you want to stay over, we have room at the inn. We are limited to guest bedrooms but we have plenty of room. We' will make sleeping arrangements work.

Hope to see you there!

The Murph's


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